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подводная съемка

The first underwater studio in Belarus

The first studio for underwater photo and video filming opened in Minsk, reports. The photo studio will be located at “Dynamo” Stadium and will be open for booking from early August.

Photo and video shooting can be carried out in a huge pool 6 meters long, 4 - wide, 1.5 meters - in depth. The pool has large windows on the sides, through which the photographer and videographer will be able to shoot without diving. For the photographer can communicate with the model, the pool is equipped with a special underwater sound system.

In order to ensure the transparency of water necessary for high-quality images and videos, the most powerful water purification and filtration systems are installed in the pool.

In addition to the pool and the shooting room, the rental includes a reception, a shower, a relaxation room and 2 dressing rooms. The room outside the pool windows provides air conditioning and ventilation for the safety of filming equipment.

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