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Great stone

The first unmanned bus in Belarus

On the 12th of May, the presentation of the first unmanned bus in the country took place in the China-Belarus Industrial Park "Great Stone", reports

The first unmanned bus in Belarus is powered by electricity. The charge is enough for 180 kilometers and recharging takes 4 hours. The model was created based on the development of scientists from Singapore. At the moment, an unmanned bus is capable of speeds up to 40 kilometers per hour, however, the technologists recommend the speed up to 25 kilometers per hour. In order to control the bus, two modes are offered: unmanned and manual.

Now an unmanned bus is being tested on the territory of the Great Stone industrial park. But the creators hope that in the near future an unmanned bus can be released for commercial purposes. However, before that, it is necessary to make appropriate changes to the legislation, as well as reconstruct some Belarusian routes.

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