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Международный финансовый центр

The International Financial Center in Minsk

The construction of the “Minsk World” International Financial Center has begun in Minsk, reports The center will be located on the previous site of the airdrome. The largest construction holding company in the country, “Dana Holdings”, will be a real estate developer.

The goal of the International Financial Center is to increase the economic development of Belarus. Belarusian government is going to attract foreign investment into the country and make Belarus a strong opponent among European countries. In addition, the government is aiming at creating favourable conditions for the representatives of large business from all over the world, as well as, to contribute to the appearance of new work positions in the country.

The construction of the center is going to be completed as soon as possible. Now the builders are working in three shifts and are trying to complete the work before the deadline. Meanwhile, the government is already negotiating with the representatives of large international companies to attract them to the Belarusian market.

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