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The largest hostel in the country was opened in the center of Minsk

This historic building was reconstructed in the last two years and delivered on time, as planned. According to, the first guests moved into this hostel on October 27, and now all multi-bed rooms in it are occupied. Two years ago, this historic building of the XIX century in the center of Minsk " stood for many years and rotted."

The total area of the object is 740 "squares". The appearance of the building was preserved: historical color was restored, squares of masonry was numbered on the walls of the stairwell, the records of the house were caused , the different size of window openings was retained.The hostel has 24 rooms for 110 people.

Designer Anton Shappo worked on the project. The creators of the hostel say that everything is done "for instagram" so that visitors in any corner could take a selfie. Therefore, even the signs on the doors in the shower and toilet were decorated with jokes.