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The main Christmas tree in Belarus entered the top 5 highest Christmas trees of the CIS

The main tree of Belarus, installed on October square in Minsk, entered the top of the highest Christmas trees in the CIS, reports.

The main Christmas tree of Turkmenistan in Ashgabat with a height of 40 meters topped the rating compiled by the portal «ТурСтат», it is installed on the square in front of the cultural and entertainment center "Älem" ("universe").

In second place there is the main tree of Armenia in Yerevan on the Republic square, its height is 37 meters.

In third place there is a Christmas tree in the capital of Uzbekistan-Tashkent (height of 36 meters).

The fourth place went to the new year tree from Azerbaijan, which is installed in Baku, its height is 34 meters.

The main Christmas tree of Belarus with a height of 30 meters took the fifth place.

Next in the top ten are Dushanbe (29 m), Moscow (27 m), Bishkek (27 m), Astana (25 m) and Chisinau (20 m).

It should be noted that among the main Christmas trees of the CIS countries only one is a live tree, it is installed on the Cathedral square of the Moscow Kremlin.