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марш новой Беларуси

The march of the new Belarus on Sunday

On the 23rd of August at 14.00, Belarusians in all cities gathered for the big march of the new Belarus, reports

Since 14.00 Minsk residents began to gather on the Independence Square in the city center. More than 100 thousand people came to the march of the new Belarus, despite the cloudy weather and rain. People came with posters and huge white-red-white flags demanding fair elections in Belarus.

Later, the crowd moved along Pobediteley Avenue towards the Palace of Independence, where Alexander Lukashenko was staying. There Alexander Lukashenko and his 15-year-old son were seen wearing bulletproof vests and with weapons. The road to the protesters was blocked by the armed military and police behind barbed wire. People just stood in front of them and sang songs.

Members of the Coordination Council headed by Maria Kolesnikova also attended the march of the new Belarus.

At the moment, no information has been received about the arrests on the 23rd of August.

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