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The most popular stations of the new metro line named in Minsk

The most popular station of the new line of the Minsk metro is Kovalskaya Sloboda, which bypasses the rest 3-4 times in terms of the number of payments. The rating was compiled by BPS-Sberbank based on the analysis of data on contactless payments for travel on metro turnstiles using cards and devices with NFC technology.

The rating takes into account contactless payments for travel in the capital "subway" from November 6 to December 29, that is, from the moment of opening. During this period, about 3.2 million payments were recorded. And that's not counting the payments for travel with a token and electronic travel card. At the same time, the first two branches are predictably more popular.

Passengers of the third line prefer to depart from the station "Kovalskaya Sloboda", which is 3-4 times ahead of other stations on this line in terms of the number of passengers. On the second place - "Francyshka Bogushevich Square", and on the third - "Vokzalnaya". Least of all people descend to the platform of "Jubileynaya Square".

The bank draws attention to the fact that for greater accuracy it is necessary to take into account the flow of "transit" passengers - those who move from one branch to another. Since there are two transfer stations on the third line at once, such traffic can be significant. However, it passes outside the turnstiles, and it is impossible to calculate it based on contactless transactions.

“We opened access to the contactless fare collection system simultaneously with the launch of the new line and from the first days we note a high level of demand for the service. More and more passengers prefer to pay with bank cards or gadgets. This is due both to the desire to minimize contact with surfaces and objects, and to the growing sympathy for new technologies, for example, Apple Express, which greatly simplify and speed up the payment process, ”said Marina Osipovskaya, Executive Director of BPS-Sberbank.

BPS-Sberbank has equipped all the lobbies of the stations of the third line with turnstiles for payments with bank cards and gadgets. For settlements, you can use "plastic" payment systems Visa, Mastercard and Belcard with a contactless interface. You can also do this with a smartphone, smart watch or bracelets with NFC support. Recently, the Apple Express function has been available to pay for travel with Apple gadgets, including those turned off, without the usual authentication.