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The plant "Luch" has opened a museum in Minsk. There is also a clock from the 90's

A Museum has opened in the new building of the Minsk watch factory "Luch" on Naturalistov street 3. This is the first permanent exhibition from the production, where the watches produced by the factory are stored, reports

The Museum is located on the fifth floor and occupies one room. This is the first permanent exhibition dedicated to the history of watchmaking in Belarus.

The Museum has more than a hundred models of chronometers of different years-from the first "Zarya" watch from 1953 to the latest models of "Odnostrelochnik 3.0", released recently.

Also, the Museum installed equipment — a lathe, a microscope, a projector, and tools for the work of watch collectors.

All the exhibits were stored at the factory before. For example, the watchmaker's desktop is real, and the engineer who designed the watch worked behind it. Some of the items were transferred to the museum by employees - albums and photos.

The exhibition includes a medical watch that can be used to measure the pulse, a watch for miners and builders with a protective frame that was made in the 70s, a small watch using plastic and laces - in the 80's. Women's watches in the form of thin painted bracelets with a small dial were popular since the 90's, at the same time there were motifs with “perestroika”. The beginning of the 2000s was met with a watch in the form of a bear made of rhinestones.