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The situation with coronavirus in Belarus today

Today, the number of people infected with coronavirus has reached almost 46 thousand cases. About the situation with coronavirus in the country, reports

On the 4th of June, 45,981 cases of coronavirus infection were registered in Belarus. Today, the growth of infected with COVID-19 per day is 865 cases. However, despite the large number of infected, there is positive news. Today is the second day when the number of cured exceeded the number of infected. Over the past day, 991 people recovered in Belarus. This gives hope that in the near future the country's epidemic will decline.

In total, over the entire period of the epidemic in Belarus, 21 162 people recovered and 253 patients died. According to the Ministry of Health, Brest is at the peak of the number of cases of coronavirus in the regions, and Gomel reached the so-called plateau. The situation in other regional centers and regions is not reported by the Ministry of Health.

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