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The Swiss Ambassador expects that by the end of 2019, the trade turnover with Belarus will exceed 130 million dollars

After a slight decline in mutual trade between Belarus and Switzerland, the trade turnover has been growing since 2018, Swiss Ambassador Claude Altermatt said, reports

"In 2018, Switzerland imported $ 97.2 million worth of goods to Belarus, and purchased $ 27.4 million worth of Belarusian goods," he said. — The total volume of trade turnover amounted to 130 million dollars, which was an increase of 7.9%. We expect that in 2019, the mutual trade turnover will exceed $ 130 million."

According to him, the Swiss-Belarusian business Council plays an important role in the development of economic cooperation. "The last time it met was in November last year," the Ambassador said. — The event was attended by about 100 businessmen and representatives of the Belarusian government. This is a typical Swiss approach: the economy develops not on the instructions of the government, but through the interest and interaction of business partners on both sides."

According to the Ambassador, Switzerland is in the top 20 countries by the number of tourists visiting Belarus. "And the potential in this direction is very large. Much depends on the Belarusian authorities. It is very important to advertise Belarus tourism opportunities, promote your country, its nature and attractions, and make them more visible," the Ambassador added.