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The Vitebsk region introduced additional measures against coronavirus

According to, on 27th of March, the Vitebsk City Executive Committee prepared a list of measures to prevent the spread of coronavirus.

On 30th of March, the Vitebsk City Executive Committee published the plan against the spread of COVID-19 on its official website. The plan includes a number of restrictions on public events and contacts between people.

Parents will be free to choose whether their children will attend the kindergartens or not. In addition, they will not be obligated to pay for kindergartens for days off and will be able to keep the place of their children. Also, in schools, all classes are held in one classroom, and students will study by distance and individual education programs. Moreover, the dormitories and homes for elderly people will be closed for strangers.

All the upcoming events were cancelled, but cafes, theatres and cinemas continue to work. In addition, from now on police officers are forbidden to enter and leave the Vitebsk region.

The same plan was also approved by the Polotsk region.

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