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The waterpark "Lebyazhy" will be closed for a month

In order to prevent the spread of COVID-19, many public establishments have taken additional measures, and some have even suspended their activities. The waterpark "Lebyazhy" in Minsk will be temporarily closed for prophylactic work, reports

The management of the waterpark announced that the "Lebyazhy" will be closed for visitors from 6th till 30th of April. Every year the "Lebyazhy" waterpark closes for three weeks to carry out the preventive maintenance to clean the water in all pools, as well as make the cosmetic repair (restore the tiles, paint the walls, repair the ceiling) and etc. Moreover, the temporary closure will be used to eliminate minor exploitation defects.

Earlier the maintenance work in the waterpark was carried out in September. However, this year in connection with the coronavirus, the preventive maintenance and the full-scale cleaning in the entire waterpark were decided to carry out in April.

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