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The websites for the purchase of consumer goods in Belarus

We live in a consumer society. In the modern world, it is perhaps impossible to find a person who has not made a single purchase in his life. We buy different types of goods: from food to real estate. This list can be kept endlessly. But the places for making a transaction on the purchase of various goods with the development of information technologies have undergone some changes, or rather they have taken a new form - various online platforms have appeared for making purchases via the Internet.

It should be noted that now the buying process has been greatly facilitated both by buyers and sellers. In fact, all websites for buying/selling are created approximately on the same principles. You go to the site, which is a kind of bulletin board, register, if you want to place an ad, or just look for the product/service you are interested in using search queries. Write down the seller’s contact details and call him or correspond with him using the website itself. Various options are possible. Let's take a closer look at the features of the most popular services operating in Belarus.


This is the real number 1 and perhaps the most popular service in the country. It can be found at, and can also be installed as an application on an Android or IPhone phone.

Kufar social media:







The website is a convenient platform for placing free ads on any product, both new and used. There are separate interface tabs for real estate ads – and automotive technology -

To be able to place an advertisement you must register, create your own account and publish the ad in a suitable section. The service allows the use of its website for both individuals and legal entities and / or entrepreneurs. For convenience, if for some reason you do not want to advertise your contact details, then you have the opportunity to correspond with potential buyers using the internal form of correspondence. Message history is maintained for the duration of the announcement. Also, it is possible to announce the sale of goods by installments, using the Halva card, payment for the goods by bank transfer to the card, selection of announcements with photos only. In order to sell faster, you can buy kufs (the internal currency of the website) and take advantage of raising, highlighting, securing the announcement. The service offers a wide selection of categories of goods and services, with the possibility of regulating the search by territorial affiliation, price range, novelty of the goods, availability of photos and the possibility of exchange.

According to statistics, the service has more than 2,000,000 goods, more than 65,000 new ads are served daily on Kufar. – is a modern catalog of private announcements.

What ads can you post in

The following types of ads can be added to the catalog: “sale”, “purchase”, “service”, “rent”.


1. Ease of search, it consists of a search bar by name, filter by territorial criteria and on the left we see a list of the main categories of goods and services, which are also marked with special signs.

2. A wide selection of sections and subsections, which greatly facilitates the search and definition of product categories.

3. The ability to see the contact details in the ad without going through the registration procedure on the site, which, in turn, is a huge plus for users, as it saves time on searching.

If you decide to make a purchase using this service, you can call the seller’s contact numbers or write to him using the feedback forms on the website, but in this case you must go through the registration procedure. The service can be used only by individuals, you will not find offers from firms and enterprises here.

For the convenience of the search, there is a filter by price, date of posting of the announcement and the ability to make an exchange, bidding. social media:





According to the statistics, the website traffic comes close to 200 thousand visitors per month.



SUM.BY – a website that combines the interests of buyers and sellers throughout Belarus. It is possible to post ads from individuals, individual entrepreneurs and commercial organizations. A wide assortment of new and used goods, as well as various services.

A distinctive feature of the project is the ability to use all its services for free, including pinning ads at the top, lifting up and highlighting in red.


- free registration;

- Free ad placement;

- free fastening at the top;

- free highlight in red;

- unlimited number of uplifts;

- unlimited number of ads;

- unlimited period of posting ads;

- unlimited number of photos;

-filter by city of search;

To contact the seller, place your announcement, you must go through the registration procedure with the obligatory indication of the contact number of your mobile phone.

SUM.BY social media:




Service for placing private free ads. The following types of ads can be added to the catalog: “sale”, “purchase”, “service”, “any”.


- 14 main sections of the classification of the object of sale, marked with intuitive symbols, each of which is revealed using a pop-up list into smaller subsections.

- very long registration procedure;

- without registration you can contact the seller;

- you need a registration to submit an announcement;

If you want to make a purchase, just call the phone number or leave your comment in the appropriate box under the ad. social media:








Link to the website -

The developers present the website with the following words: “Flea market in Belarus – private free ads.” The presence of forms for contacting the developers, the tabs “news”, “Forum” and “disputes” are immediately evident. Thus, this service offers not only to place/find an ad, but also added the function of communication between users by interests.


- there is a separate tab for stores;

- search by region;

- the ability to express your opinion on the forum site, a separate category "Give free";

- attractive front page interface filled with useful information (exchange rates, weather forecast);

- a fairly simple form for registering on the website;

- the ability to highlight ads for non-cash payment or using a referral program (accumulation of bonuses for posting links on a personal page on social networks);

- in general, downtime and a logical interface without unnecessary clutter with unnecessary information (author's subjective opinion).

Prices.By social media:







Baraholka on

This service is available at:

The website is a major project of one of the most famous information portals of Belarus – Which, undoubtedly, plays a huge role in its popularity, since the name of the does not require additional representations.


- easy to submit ads;

- fast communication between sellers and buyers;

- the ability to pay for highlighting ads through an ATM, information kiosk, Internet banking, mobile phone;

- a large number of sections for ads, creating the impression of "congestion" on the main page;

- classifier of ads by topic is simultaneously an active link, which greatly facilitates the search;

- separately allocated section for automotive vehicles -;

- convenient viewing of a large number of ads in the form of a list;

- binding to sections of the main website that are different in theme and orientation, which undoubtedly attracts a significant number of visitors to the portal.

To make viewing information about the seller, it is not necessary to register that is a definite plus. social media:





Thus, we made a review of the main Internet resources of Belarus, where you can place an ad or find a product/service that interests you.

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