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The world's first app measuring the stress level of employees was developed in Belarus

1C-Bitrix company has developed the world's first mobile app that allows to measure the stress level of employees and make management decisions based on these criteria.

The new app will work within the framework of the well-known CRM-product "Bitrix24", which employs more than 6 million companies around the world. Therefore, the launch pad for a new solution is already there.

The secret of the technology is in the measurement of Heart Rate Variability (HRV, Heart Rate Variability). This is a change in the interval between the beginning of one cardiac cycle and the beginning of the next. This method was first described in 1760, and today is widely used in medicine, professional sports and astronautics.

The user needs to put his finger to the camera of the smartphone for two minutes-then the application will measure his level of stress, energy and productivity.

The employee can share this information with colleagues in their profile "Bitrix24" , and the manager or business owner can identify units in the area of "mental risk".

According to the developers of the company, the new anti-stress function should help 6 million clients of the service worldwide to take the first step to stress management and care about the psychological comfort of employees, reports.