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The Yandex assessment of the level of self-isolation

Yandex launches a new project to assess the level of self-isolation in the country, reports At the moment, the system allows to analyse the situation in the regional centers of Belarus, as well as in some large cities.

The self-isolation level is assessed on a 5-point scale, depending on the number of people observing quarantine. During the day, the indicator is changing, at night, the level of self-isolation will be 5 points, and during the day - lower, since people go to work, shops, etc.

The system evaluates the level of self-isolation based on people using various Yandex applications: from Yandex.Navigator to Yandex.Zen. The popularity or decrease in demand for certain applications allows to calculate how many people prefer to stay at home. You can check how many people are on the street on the Yandex start page in the "self-isolation" section, as well as in Yandex.Maps.

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