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This summer Belarusians will be able to visit Tunisia

Tunisia, a popular holiday destination among Belarusians, will not remain without tourists this summer, reports The country will open borders for Belarus.

From the 27th of June, Tunisia will get tourists from Belarus. In addition, the Tunisian Tourism Office claims that visitors will not need to comply with the 7-day quarantine. However, the question remains whether health certificates will be needed. Tunisia has not yet published the conditions for tourists from other countries, although there is a reason to believe that a certificate is not needed. More information on how to visit Tunisia will be available next week.

Earlier it became known that a number of countries have introduced the requirement for the mandatory presentation of medical certificates of health that confirm that a person is not infected with coronavirus.

Air communication between Tunisia and Belarus will be restored on the 28th of June, the first plane will fly from Minsk.

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