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Top 10 fastest growing Belarusian companies in Russia

Belarusian companies are actively developing on the Russian market, gaining new financial achievements. The editors of have compiled a list of leading companies in Russia.

Top 10 fastest growing Belarusian companies on the Russian market:

• "Horizon-Soyuz"

• "E100 Online"

• "Pharmforward"

• "Minsk Dairy Plant No. 1"

• "Slavyana"

• "Oil Company Yangpur"

• "Trading house MTZ North-West"

• "Mast"

• "Shate-M Plus"

• "Trasko"

According to the rating, the best indicators in terms of revenue growth were shown by the Horizont holding. Other companies also made significant breakthroughs, with revenues growing more than 2.5 times. For example, EPAM Systems' incomes have grown 2.57 times.

The criterion for the study was the volume of revenue over the past five years - from 2015 to 2019.

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