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Турция и Беларусь

Turkey opens borders for Belarusian citizens

From the 1st of July, Turkey will begin to accept planes from Belarus, reports

In connection with spread of the coronavirus, many countries had to close all communications with other states for six months. However, a slight decline in the number of infected, as well as the approaching tourist season lead to the fact that a number of countries are considering opening borders.

So, from the 1st of July, Turkey will accept airplanes from Belarus and restore air communications with other 70 countries during June. The restoration of the previous regime of air transportation will take place gradually, in several stages: Turkey plans to open borders for each country separately. First of all, air communication will be restored with Northern Cyprus. Next, planes will start flying from Greece, Bahrain, Bulgaria and Qatar. And from the 1st of July, air communications will be restored with Belarus, China, Ukraine, Canada and Sweden.

The border for the United States will be opened last, the official date is the 1st of September.

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