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Ukraine opens borders for Belarusians

From the 15th of June, Ukraine opens its borders with Belarus and resumes international air traffic between the countries, reports

Since the 16th of March, due to the spread of the coronavirus between Belarus and Ukraine, the borders have been closed, and all flights have been cancelled.

Recently Ukraine has announced that it is ready to open its borders to Belarusians. From the 15th of June, the Belavia resumes flights to Ukraine. The first flights will be organized to Kiev and Odessa. Also, planes will fly in the directions of Lviv and Kharkov.

The opening of borders by Ukraine is connected with new requirements for foreigners entering the country. All foreigners are required to have insurance covering COVID-19 treatment, otherwise they will not be allowed into the country. In addition, upon arrival, Belarusians must observe two-week quarantine.

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