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Ukrainian shadow theater in Minsk

On the 22nd of November, the Ukrainian shadow theater will arrive in Minsk with the show "Your Shadow", reports. The performance will be shown in the “Minsk” Concert Hall.

Shadow theater is a modern and popular style that combines lighting effects, an interesting storyline and dance elements.

The show " will tell about the history of the director, his creative problems and the difficult path to the main film award "Oscar". Spectators will enjoy exciting acrobatic stunts, optical illusions, video projections and soundtracks. In addition, viewers will be able to feel like the heroes of this performance. Spectators will be able to change the plot and the course of the show. And also one of the spectators will have the opportunity to play the main role in one of the films of the “director” (this person will be chosen during the performance by the “director”).

The cost of tickets for the show varies from 33 to 68 rubles.

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