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Department of state

US Allocates Belarus $1.7 Million against COVID-19

The United States allocated $1.7 million to Belarus to prevent the spread of coronavirus in the country, reports Funds were transferred through USAID and the Department of State.

The number of people infected with coronavirus in Belarus continues to grow and, despite the fact that the number of deaths is minimal, it is necessary to take all possible measures to reduce the growth of infected people. In order to support Belarus in the fight against coronavirus, the US government decided to allocate $1.7 million.

The allocated funds will be used to finance laboratories, improve the diagnosis of COVID-19 and monitor the infected people.

These funds are a part of US humanitarian assistance to 120 countries and organizations in the fight against coronavirus. In total, the United States allocated $900 million to put an end to the global pandemic.

According to the statistics, the US has allocated Belarus more than $301 million over the past 20 years.

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