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Web-box and smart glasses-new technologies for comfortable life of blind people were presented in Gomel

New technologies for comfortable life of blind people were presented in Gomel during the Republican advocacy campaign of the Belarusian Association of the visually impaired, reports

The audience was presented with technical innovations that will contribute to improving the comfort in the life of the visually impaired. 

One of the new products - web box. This is a compact universal unit that replaces computer for the visually impaired. It has a clear navigation with Internet access: the device has only five buttons that are easy to touch. With the help of a web box, a person will be able to find out the news, read a newspaper or magazine, listen to the radio or TV program, find out the weather.

Another know-how for the rehabilitation of the totally blind and visually impaired is smart glasses. This mini-computer has significant functionality. In appearance, ordinary glasses are equipped with a microscope and other options. Externally, these devices are invisible, but perform their role. The device turns on, relatively speaking, by a wave of the hand. The glasses scan the document provided to their carrier, after a while the scan is decrypted and the playback of information begins. Glasses can help the visually impaired person recognize a person approaching him. To do this, you need to put in their memory a certain list of people. When one of them approaches, the glasses inform who is it: a wife, daughter, college.