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Weeks of Germany start in Belarus

Belarus will host the weeks of Germany from 10 March till 30 April, reports

Traditionally, weeks of Germany are held in autumn, but this year we will enjoy activities in spring! Its events are a great opportunity to dive into German culture and language.

Main activities will take place in Minsk. A starting point will be a huge exhibition “The Paths of German Art” in the Palace of Arts. 400 artworks and more than 100 artists from Germany of the past six decades covering a wide range of art: painting, photography, video, sculpture and installations. Organized by the Goethe Institute, the Institute of Ties with Foreign Countries, and the Palace of Arts the exhibition is open from 10 March up to 12 April.

Two music events are expected : the oratorio ‘The St Matthew Passion’ of Johann Sebastian Bach and the Beethoven Anniversary Tour festival.

During the weeks of Germany some readings, lectures, presentations and workshops are planned as well! Everyone will find something interesting for sure!