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What does Lukashenko think about the presidential candidates of the Republic of Belarus

On the 9th of August, presidential elections will be held in Belarus. What Alexander Lukashenko thinks about potential candidates, reports

Alexander Lukashenko, the current President of the Republic of Belarus, expressed his opinion on the current situation with the elections in the country and on the candidates for the presidency. Lukashenko claims that potential candidates are hiding important information about their biography from the people, which could affect the outcome of the election.

Besides the fact that there are some doubts about the sincerity of the words of individual candidates, the question about the sources of financing of the election campaigns is also under discussion. The President said that one of the candidates earned money in a fraudulent manner.

In addition, Lukashenko said that he has the impression that people are going to the election to destabilize the situation. Alexander Lukashenko intends to defend the country.

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