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What to do if the Internet is switched off in Belarus again?

From the 9th till the 11th of August, the Internet was disconnected throughout Belarus, neither search engines nor social networks worked. How to prepare in case the country turns off the Internet again, reports

In Belarus, all Internet traffic that comes in the country passes only through state providers: Beltelecom and the National Center for Traffic Exchange.

In order to get access to the Internet, Belarusians began to use all possible VPN services. VPN allows to encrypt the traffic of the user of the gadget on which the technology is installed.

Experts recommend using the following applications in case of Internet disconnection: Psiphon, Lantern, Tachyon, XVPN, Hotspot Shield, Betternet. The principle of their work is that these applications allow you to bypass locks.

After the situation happened on 9-11 August in Belarus, a record number of downloads of VPN services (previously the world leader was Iran).

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