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When will Europe open borders for Belarus?

The world begins to come to life after the coronavirus, countries call off  quarantine and open borders. When Europe will open borders for citizens of Belarus, reports

The opening of borders in the world is happening step by step. Europe has developed a list of criteria according to which citizens of other countries will be allowed to enter the countries of the European Union. Such criteria have already been proposed by Lithuania, Latvia and Montenegro.

Some countries have already opened their borders to countries with low rates of infected with coronavirus. Thus, Lithuania is going to let citizens from countries where the number of cases of COVID-19 does not exceed 25 people per 100 thousand inhabitants. In Belarus, there are currently 139 cases of coronavirus disease per 100 thousand inhabitants.

Latvia has put forward more strict conditions - 10 cases per 100 thousand inhabitants.

At the moment, the so-called “white list of countries” has been formed for which borders can be opened.

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