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exchange rate

Where is it better to exchange money in Belarus?

The work week has begun with an increase in the rate of exchange, informs While the euro and the US dollar is continuing to increase, the Russian ruble is weakening in comparison with the Belarusian ruble.

Today, at Belarusian Currency and Stock Exchange, the euro has grown by 1.98%, the dollar - by 2.93%, and the Russian ruble fell by 0.71%. The euro exchange rate at the exchange offices varies around 3 BYN, and the American currency - from 2.6 to 2.8 BYN.

If you need to buy currency, then the lowest rate is offered by RRB-Bank (the euro exchange rate - 2.85 BYN) and Paritetbank (the dollar exchange rate - 2.671 BYN). Absolutbank exchange offices offer the best buying rate: the euro exchange rate is 2.805 BYN, and the dollar - 2.615 BYN. The most “expensive” currency rate is offered by Bank BelVEB, Idea Bank and Zepter Bank exchange offices.

At the moment, the Russian ruble has fallen in price. The exchange rate is 3.3698 Belarusian rubles per 100 Russian rubles.

To familiarize yourself with the current exchange rates, as well as to compare the rates at exchange offices of various banks of Belarus, follow the website