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Where to take a COVID-19 test to travel abroad?

Now you can take a coronavirus test at the «Yunost» sanatorium on the Minsk Sea, reports The tests are carried out only for the guests of the sanatorium.

The «Yunost» sanatorium offers to take an express test for COVID-19 antibodies to all guests and visitors. Express diagnostics is included in the price of all tickets to the sanatorium lasting more than 5 nights. Other guests of the sanatorium can get tested for coronavirus on a paid basis.

The test collection procedure itself takes up to 15 minutes. During testing, experts use innovative equipment.

In addition to diagnostic services for COVID-19, guests of the sanatorium are provided with all the safety measures necessary in the current epidemiological situation. Therefore, visitors can be sure of their own safety.

Services for carrying out express diagnostics for coronavirus are provided only to guests of the «Yunost» sanatorium.

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