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Which Belarusian books will be filmed?

Popular Belarusian books “Sphagnum” by Viktor Martinovich and “Radziva Prudok” by Andrus Horvat will be filmed, reports

LLC "Film company"Demarche-film" will be engaged in the film adaptation of "gangster comedy"- Sphagnum. The company reports that it will be a feature film in Russian, as well as a version with English subtitles. The movie timing is 90 minutes. At the moment, the team has not yet begun filming. The film will be shot within 15 months from the date of signing the contract with the author of the book. The director of the film will be Viktor Aslyuk, and the producer will be Valery Dmitrochenko, known for the film Crystal.

LLC “First KinoVideoCompany” will shoot a lyrical comedy - “Radziva Prudok”, which will be released in Belarusian and Russian languages, as well as with English subtitles. The timing of the film is 100 minutes. The film will take about 11 months from the date of signing the contract.

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