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Which film will Belarus nominate for the Oscar?

It became known that Belarus will nominate the film "Persian Lessons" for the international film award "Oscar", reports. The film was directed by Vadim Perelman.

The plot of the film is based on the story of a Jew from Belgium who ended up in a concentration camp and had to pretend to be Persian in order to survive in harsh conditions. One of the Germans, dreaming of moving to Tehran after the war and opening his own restaurant there, asks this Jew to teach him the Persian language. The Jew has to teach a German this fictional language. The action of the film "Persian lessons" takes place in 1942 in occupied Europe. The film immerses viewers in the atmosphere of the Second World War.

The Belarusian Oscar Committee was considering two films for nomination for the award: the film "Two" directed by Vlada Senkova and the film "Persian lessons" directed by Vadim Perelman, but the latter one was preferred. The film is a joint movie project of Russia, Germany and Belarus.

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