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выборы в Беларуси

Who presented the signatures for registration as presidential candidates?

June 19 was the last day for submitting signatures for registration as a candidate for the President of the Republic of Belarus. Only 7 applicants submitted signatures, reports

It is currently known that among 15 candidates for the post of President in the Republic of Belarus, only 7 submitted signatures to the Central Election Commission for registration as candidates. The exact number of signatures collected will be announced after the 30th of June, 2020, when the CEC will verify the authenticity of all signatures.

However, earlier the following applicants stated that they had collected the necessary number of signatures (100 thousand) for registration: Alexander Lukashenko (about 2 million signatures), Victor Babariko (434 thousand signatures), Valery Tsepkalo (200 thousand signatures), Svetlana Tikhanovskaya (more 100 thousand signatures), Anna Kanopatskaya (more than 100 thousand signatures), Andrey Dmitriev (100 thousand signatures), Sergey Cherechen (106 thousand signatures).

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