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Who should observe self-isolation in Belarus?

The government of Belarus introduces self-isolation in the country, reports Who must necessarily observe self-isolation and what measures will be applied to disturbers, the Council of Ministers explained.

The following people should go to self-isolation:

  • infected with a coronavirus;
  • contacts of the first and second level if they have the symptoms of the disease;
  • arrived in Belarus from countries where cases of COVID-19 infection have been reported.

Everyone who goes to self-isolation will receive a list with the rules of self-isolation and a disability document.

In case of the violation of the rules of self-isolation, the temporary disability benefit will be reduced by 50% of the amount established by law.

The list of rules contains, in particular, the following: do not leave the place of residence; limit contacts with other persons; if it is necessary to leave house, people should use personal protective equipment; if you feel worse, call an ambulance.

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