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Коронавирус в Беларуси

Why there will be no quarantine in Belarus?

More than 57 thousand citizens signed a petition demanding a quarantine in Belarus, reports President of the Republic of Belarus Alexander Lukashenko in an interview for the “Mir” TV channel explained why Belarus does not need such measures now.

Each country takes the actions that will have the best effect on society and economy. In Belarus, there is currently no need to enforce a quarantine, assures Alexander Lukashenko.

We can announce a state of emergency in the country and enforce an obligatory quarantine at any time. However, it is unknown how such radical measures will affect the country. On the contrary, the situation with coronavirus can get worse.

Alexander Lukashenko is sure of the fact that our immune system is able to treat of the coronavirus itself: we need to spend more time in the fresh air, eat healthy food and take exercises.

Today in Belarus 300 people are infected with coronavirus, 42 have recovered.

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