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Will be online alcohol trading legalized in Belarus?

In connection with the pandemic, the Belarusian authorities are discussing the possibility of temporary legalization of the online trade in alcohol and tobacco products, reports

From the 1st of July till the end of 2020, Belarus may allow the sale of alcoholic beverages and tobacco products online. Belarusians will be able to order the delivery of alcohol by courier. A similar proposal has become relevant in connection with the spread of coronavirus in the country.

At the moment, a draft act has been developed, but the issue is still under discussion. Among the norms established in the act, there is a restriction on orders of more than 5 liters of alcoholic beverages, only alcoholic drinks and tobacco products of local production will go on-line, alcohol delivery will be available only until 22.00.

In addition, in order to carry out the online sale of alcohol and tobacco products, you must have a special license, as well as notify the district city executive committee in advance.

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