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economy during coronavirus

Will the government help businesses affected by COVID-19?

How the Belarusian government will support the business environment in the country under the conditions of the coronavirus and which companies will be able to count on financial assistance, reports

The coronavirus has been lasting for almost half a year, some companies could not have coped with new conditions and had to close, while others are trying to find a solution to this situation. Mainly, the service sector (cafes, beauty salons and gyms) suffered in the country. The crisis in the business environment affected the economy of Belarus as a whole.

The President of the Republic of Belarus noted that in the country there are no restrictions on the work of companies in connection with the coronavirus, therefore all enterprises should look for opportunities to continue their activities.

Nevertheless, a part of the population, which for objective reasons cannot find a job, will receive financial support from the state. The salaries of employees of budgetary organizations will also be discussed.

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