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Workers of Belarusian factories go on strike

Employees of Belarusian state factories have joined the peaceful protests, reports. Employees of BELAZ, MAZ, Integral, Grodnozhilstroy and other factories all over the country are taking part in solidarity actions.

Employees of state works are going on strike on the territory of factories. Some workers ask the management of companies to take action.

BELAZ employees gathered at the central entrance from 12.00 to talk with their managers. As a result, the mayor of Zhodino, where the plant is located, promised to meet with residents of the city at 20.00.

Grodno plant "Terrazit" announced an termless strike. Also, workers of "Grodnozhilstroy" went to the main city building with a demand to stop the violence of the military forces and police against the protesters, as well as to hold fair elections.

MAPID employees lined up in a chain of solidarity.

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