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World of Tanks Blitz is moving to Futuris. Wargaming has 15 floors out of 27

Wargaming transports part of the Minsk team to the Futuris business center near the Borisovsky trakt metro station. The company rents 14 thousand square meters, 15 upper floors. Up to 900 people will be able to work in the new office, according to

Wargaming is opening a second large office (the first one is in the Volna business center) in connection with the expansion of teams and divisions, as well as the emergence of new ones.

At the first stage, 600 specialists will move to Futuris. In particular, the new office will house the world of Tanks Blitz mobile tank online action team.

Volna business center will remain the largest platform for the Minsk Wargaming development center. It will house developers and the World of Tanks support team for PC.