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Zyuzya topped the top 10 Fathers Christmas of the CIS countries

The rating is based on the analysis of the popularity of the residences of Father Christmas.

Top 10 Fathers Christmas of the CIS:

Dzed Maroz (Belarus)

Ayaz ATA (Kazakhstan)

Baba Mine (Azerbaijan)

Kakhand Dad (Armenia)

Qorbobo (Uzbekistan)

Mosh Craciun (Moldova)

Ayaz ATA (Kyrgyzstan)

Boboi Barfi (Tajikistan)

Ayaz Baba (Turkmenistan)

Tovlis Papa (Georgia)

Belarusian Dzed Maroz — Zuzya and his granddaughter Snegurka welcome guests in his residence in Belovezhskaya Pushcha in the Brest region. The residence of Dzed Maroz, founded in 2003, is located 340 kilometers South-West of Minsk.

More than 150 thousand tourists annually visit the residence of the Belarusian Father Christmas. In 2013, Dzed Maroz received the millionth guest at the Belovezhskaya residence, reports.