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Driving license exam in Belarus

Driving license exam in Belarus

As soon as you are faced with the need to drive a car, you urgently need to get a driver's license. The article will tell you about all the stages that a future driver must go through.

Obtaining a medical certificate

Obtaining a medical certificate for the right to drive a vehicle is necessary if:

• Undergoing training at a driving school;

• carrying out a technical inspection of your car;

• issuance and exchange of a driver's license and a coupon to it;

• hiring you as a driver.

You do not need to always have it with you or show it to the traffic police officer. It is required to confirm the right to drive a car.

To receive such a certificate, you need to submit the following documents to the commission:

• passport or residence permit;

• military ID - for men;

• extract from the outpatient card;

• two photographs 3x4.

It usually takes one day to complete the driving commission. If you get a driver's license for the first time, the certificate is issued for a period of 5 years. Drivers whose health condition is not stable enough will have to pass the commission more often.

We remind you that not everyone has the right to be a driver. There is a certain list of diseases and contraindications that temporarily or permanently deprive you of the right to drive a vehicle.

Issuance of a certificate is a free procedure, however, visits to doctors to issue such a certificate are paid for.

Driving school training

There is a misconception that it is not at all necessary to attend a theoretical course at a driving school, because your task is to learn how to drive a car. We are in a hurry to destroy this myth, because without a theoretical basis, you cannot safely drive a vehicle.

Preparation for exams

Training in a driving school is not limited to a theoretical course. Each driving school introduces its own intermediate control, presented in the form of tests on a computer.

Here the theoretical knowledge of traffic rules, knowledge on the admission of a vehicle to participate in road traffic, its structural elements, the basics of vehicle control and traffic safety, first aid to victims of an accident are tested. To successfully pass such a test, you need to answer 10 proposed questions in 15 minutes, of which one mistake is allowed.

Exams in driving school

The learning process ends with exams both at the driving school and at the traffic police.

The internal exam in a driving school is taken only by those students who have coped with the passing of intermediate tests. As soon as the student has passed the theory, he begins to practice.

Practice is given in several stages:

• autodrome - performance of 4 elements;

• town.

The practical exam in the city assesses your ability to drive according to traffic rules.

Having passed the internal exams, you can pay a receipt for passing the examinations at the traffic police.

Exams in the traffic police

Theoretical exam

The theoretical part of the exam at the traffic police is 10 questions on traffic rules, which must be answered in 15 minutes. Each student is allowed to make 1 mistake.

Preparation for the exam is carried out according to training programs on disks. The use of such programs allows you to advance exam tickets. But be careful, because mechanically memorizing your answers can hurt yourself in the future.

The exam in the traffic police implies full knowledge of students in theory, so the questions can be reformulated. Students usually click on the familiar answers, but the answer turns out to be wrong, so be careful.

Vehicle testing point

As soon as the future driver has passed the theoretical course, the practical part will be waiting for him. On the site, you need to perform two elements out of four possible. This is an overpass, garage, diagonal parking and "mother-in-law's yard".

You will only be told about the elements on the day of the exam itself. The decision is behind the examination committee of the traffic police.

Each element is allowed to commit with only one mistake. If the element cannot be executed correctly the first time, a second attempt is given. There is a time limit for each of them - you need to keep within 3 minutes.

Exam in the city

As soon as you pass the circuit, the exam continues on the roads of the city. Here you are allowed to make only 2 mistakes without provoking an accident.

You will need to follow the examiner's route and complete all maneuvers at the nearest authorized location. Be sure to keep an eye on road signs, traffic lights and markings.

Retake the exam

Retrying to the traffic police is an unpleasant procedure for all road users. It is accompanied by a waste of money, time and your nerves.

You need to know that after successfully passing the theoretical exam, you must have time to pass the practical exam within 6 months.

If you do not meet these deadlines, you will have to take the theory again. The first time you have the opportunity to pass the exam in a familiar car from a driving school. The second time passing the exam is carried out in a traffic police car or another driving school.

We remind you that you have the right to retake the exam in your usual car. To do this, you need to coordinate the time of the retake with the traffic police and your driving school.

Driving license exam cost

Cost of examinations at the traffic police from 01.01.2019:

• theoretical exam - 7.65 rubles;

• practical exam - 25.50 rubles;

• driving license - 51.00 rubles;

• application processing and computer services - 3 rubles.

Obtaining a driver's license

As soon as you successfully pass all the tests, you will be immediately issued a driver's license. Try to keep it with you at all times, especially when you are driving a vehicle.