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Review of sites for renting apartments in Mogilev

Websites for renting apartments in Mogilev

You are on a business trip or are just going to have a weekend break in the wonderful hero city of Mogilev. Of course, it is important for your convenience to find a suitable accommodation option. Here you will be faced with a choice: hotel, hostel or apartment or house for a day. The advantages of renting housing for a day or for a long period in comparison with hotels are obvious. You get an isolated home without neighbors and strangers. When looking for an option, it is possible to choose the level of comfort - from a small one-room apartment to luxurious apartments of the LUX class. You can choose various amenities for maximum comfort (separate bathroom, kitchen, TV and all the necessary household appliances) at the search stage. The cost of renting an apartment by the day will be lower compared to the price of a hotel room of the same size. At the same time, the level of comfort in a separate apartment is always much higher than in a hotel. Let's review the most popular Internet resources in the field of rental housing in Mogilev.

Websites for long-term rental apartments in Mogilev

All ads can be immediately filtered by area, price, number of rooms, floor space, presence of photos, video review. Also, the functionality of the site allows you to display the results on a map, rank the array of ads by price, area and relevance of placement. As a rule, apartment owners publish information here, as there is a corresponding mark in the ad. The floor where the room is located is immediately indicated. The advanced search contains additional parameters, such as: district and even street, kitchen area, year of construction, type of bathroom, availability of a telephone. The site is not loaded with additional information other than ads. The average rental price for a one-room apartment for a long time is $ 300, the minimum is $ 100, and the maximum is $ 500. Advertisements without a price tag are not published.

This site is quite informative in comparison with similar projects. It contains both offers and announcements of demand for rental apartments. The issue of the ad offers to choose the option of displaying the rental cost: rubles and dollars, rubles and Euros, Belarusian and Russian rubles, which greatly facilitates the search for people with earnings in foreign currency. To search for a suitable option in Mogilev, it is important to immediately select a city in the appropriate filter column, and then it is proposed to inspect the array of information in the form of a list, marks on the map, or in the form of large photographs. The ads you like can be marked with a special sign as favorites, so as not to get confused, they eat a counter of viewed ads and an indication of the total amount of data corresponding to the search parameters you specified. The issue itself ranks ads, and shows first the cheapest offers, and then in ascending order of prices. Some ads only contain a contact phone number, not a price. Owners and real estate agencies are published here. If you have not found a suitable option, then there is an opportunity to leave a request, and the administrator will contact you when the option that suits you appears. In the advanced search, there are filters even for such categories as the availability of prepayment, deadline, terms of delivery (family, office, students, not companies), equipment with household appliances. The average long-term rental price for a one-room apartment is $ 225, the minimum is $ 100, and the maximum is $ 350.

On this portal, all convenient search, which immediately offers you to filter all published ads by the number of rooms in the apartment, or choose the option of renting not the whole room, but a separate room. You can also set a range of rental prices per month in Belarusian rubles or in conventional units (dollars). When displaying a selection of ads according to the specified parameters, the number of all offers is immediately visible. The very form of search results is offered in three versions: list, mark on the map, photographs (two columns with large photos). Thus, you have the opportunity to choose the most visual option according to your preferences. In order to view ads, you just need to go to the site, if you want to publish your own, then it is enough to go through a simple registration form, publication is free. In addition to the standard information on the site there is a section "agro-estates", as well as "news" in the field of real estate. The average rental price for a one-room apartment for a long term is 925 rubles, the minimum price is 250 rubles, and the maximum price is 1600 rubles. Some ads only contain a contact phone number, not a price.

Websites for daily rent of apartments in Mogilev

This is a highly specialized site about daily rent in Belarus. It contains information about renting apartments and cottages for a day only. When searching for a suitable option in Mogilev, in the search line, you can use the slider to immediately indicate the desired price (from and to) in the three most common currencies: rubles, dollar, and Russian ruble. You can also immediately narrow down the search by designating a specific number of rooms in the desired premises, district, street, number of beds, special conditions (payment method, availability of certain household appliances or special options in the bathroom, special requirements for the composition of tenants). The ads you like can be marked with a favorite sign; it will be saved in the corresponding section. The average rental price for a one-room apartment for a day is 45 rubles, the minimum is 30 rubles, and the maximum is 60 rubles.

On this site you will find only offers for short-term rent of apartments throughout Belarus without intermediaries. The site's functionality provides for two search options: with a daily or hourly payment. Many ads can be filtered by the number of rooms, street, availability of certain amenities, city district. There is also a search for special conditions for the use of housing: is it possible to smoke, check in with pets, is the apartment suitable for holding events. To place an ad, you will need to register and pay for advertising services. The average rental price for a one-room apartment for a day in Mogilev on this portal is 50 rubles, the minimum is 39 rubles, and the maximum is 60 rubles.

The site provides information on various types of real estate services throughout the country. In the daily rent section, you can rank ads by price, street, district, total area, number of rooms. The ads are issued only in one form, in the form of a list with large photos that can be scrolled through without clicking on the ads link. There is no possibility of additional ranking after filtering. The average rental price of a one-room apartment for a day is 45 rubles, the minimum is 25 rubles, and the maximum is 66 rubles.

Websites for renting houses in Mogilev

The site offers a wide range of proposals in the field of real estate, among which there is a separate category - rental of cottages in various cities of Belarus. When searching, you can filter ads by price, number of beds, and availability of special wishes (sauna, swimming pool, pond, gazebo, and fireplace). Issuance is possible only in one - list version. It is possible to subscribe to the mailing list. Then there is the possibility of ranking by price, area of the house. The average rental price of a house is 100 rubles, the minimum is 50 rubles, and the maximum is 150 rubles.

The site offers information for tourists, including offers for renting houses and cottages in the city and suburbs of Mogilev, suitable for recreation or long-term stay. Search does not have any special functionality; all offers can be sorted by price, popularity, reviews of former customers. The ads themselves are presented in the form of a list with a photo, and a short description of the house about the price, number of beds, characteristics of housing. The average price for renting a house per night is 50 rubles, the minimum is 50 rubles, and the maximum is 50 rubles. Many advertisements do not contain information about the price, since it must be found out by the specified phones in advance.

This resource is a kind of bulletin board for various types of rent. It also contains information about hotels and hostels throughout the country. In the section for rent of cottages we choose the city of Mogilev Next, we see a list of offers that can be filtered by only one parameter - by price. Each ad contains several photographs, a brief description of the object, and necessarily the cost of rent per day. It is possible to mark the ads you like and view them using the map. Among other things, here you can find background information with contacts of agencies, housing service organizations, tax authorities, notaries. The average rental price of a house is 83 rubles, the minimum is 18 rubles, and the maximum is 130 rubles.