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Review of the websites for renting an apartment for a day

Review of the websites for renting an apartment for a day in Belarus

Renting an apartment in a foreign city is always troublesome, so we have compiled a list of the best websites for daily renting housing, and today we will tell you about their navigation.

Renting an apartment for a day

Daily rent always seems like a good deal for the landlord. After all, such a lease presupposes a constant flow of money, a permanent customer base, and, as a result, word of mouth advertising.

The tenants' goal is simple enough - to relax!

With a competent approach to the marketing part of the issue and a responsible attitude towards renting an apartment, the profit will be much higher than a long-term lease.

Even if you estimate your apartment at $ 30 / day, then its daily occupancy will bring $ 900 per month, against the average price of $ 300 in the case of a long-term rental. It was about not the most prestigious areas of the city, but if your conditions are better, the price will increase several times.

Registration of an apartment rental agreement

The lease agreement is a guarantee of good faith cooperation.

An apartment rental agreement guarantees the protection of your interests at the legislative level. If you prefer to rent / lease your home illegally, you should always be prepared for losses.

The contract has no strict boundaries, but must always contain the following information:

1. Your data and data of the owner of the apartment;

2. Information about the apartment;

3. Terms of payment;

4. Obligations of the parties and the clause on termination of the contract.

Websites for renting an apartment for a day

The portal has collected all the information about commercial and residential real estate for a day. Here you can find complete information related to the daily rent of apartments and houses throughout Belarus.

The website also has information on the contact numbers of real estate agencies offering real estate services and individuals. The website provides information on such types of services as leasing, appraisal, real estate lending, property management.

The website offers to get acquainted with projects of houses and options for their sale abroad: in Spain, Germany, Lithuania, Montenegro and other countries of the world.

Rumer is several dozen apartments in Minsk, which are offered for daily rent. Rumer's team consists of professional employees who provide city guests with the opportunity to settle in the best districts of Minsk.

Rumer offers clean and well-kept apartments in the tourist and business center of Minsk, polite, attentive and caring attitude to each guest.

The website has convenient navigation, with which you can get acquainted with the ads, as well as the possibility of a call back, where professionals will quickly select an apartment for you, based on the wishes of the customer.

The website provides access to viewing ads for daily rent of apartments.

Direct phone numbers, up-to-date information and real rental prices are presented next to each ad. Therefore, you can independently navigate the cost and access to communication with the tenant.

To rent an apartment, contact the owner, agree on the time of arrival and departure, specify the cost of payment and the conditions of settling, as well as the possibility of issuing reporting documents.

After agreeing with the owner about the prepayment or deposit, and having reserved the apartment, do not forget to take your passport with you.

The website is engaged in the placement of ads for the daily rent of apartments.

You can rank your searches by the following parameters:

• Number of rooms;

• Cost;

• Currency;

• Location of the apartment;

• Amenities;

• Availability of several sleeping places.

Convenient website system provides an apartment search by map. So you can better navigate the terrain and choose an apartment that will definitely suit you.

The website has complete information about the daily rent of apartments.

Here is an extensive catalog of housing with the ability to choose an apartment on the map. This will make it easier to find and show the local infrastructure.

Also on the website you can find information about the conditions of settlement, which will be additionally discussed with the owner.

In addition to general information, the moderators answered in detail all frequently asked questions.

The website offers apartments for a day both for families who came to view the sights of the capital, and for guests who came to resolve business issues.

Here is an extensive database of apartments for a day, which is regularly updated. Thanks to the user-friendly interface of the website, you can choose the option that suits your personal preferences and financial capabilities. Pay attention to space, furniture, location and other parameters.

The portal was created for posting ads for renting real estate for a day. The project provides people who are interested in real estate in Belarus, as well as its owners, complete, accurate and reliable information about the living conditions in different settlements in our country, as well as the real estate objects offered for sale / rent, the possibilities of their development and arrangement.

Here you can find complete information about drafting a contract and its features, as well as exchange information and experience with other persons.

The website contains an extensive database of apartments for daily rent in Minsk and throughout the Republic of Belarus.

The portal provides a convenient search form for both residential and commercial real estate. In addition to searching, you will be provided with the services of a cargo taxi, apartment renovation and advertising on the website.

Airbnb in Belarus

The airbnb resource allows you to stay in a house, apartment, or room. It offers fairly simple conditions: go to the website, choose a place of travel, specify dates, determine the price and book an apartment from a large list of proposed ones.

Often the website offers gift vouchers that allow you to pay less for apartments. This is precisely why many tenants choose airbnb.

For many cities of Belarus, there is a promotional coupon that gives a discount on apartments of 10 euros.