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Review of websites for buying an apartment

Review of websites for buying an apartment in Belarus

Buying real estate is a process that requires a lot of additions and scrupulous checks. We suggest you websites that can help to choose the right property.

Buying an apartment in Belarus

Today, buying real estate is a particularly topical issue for the citizens of Belarus. Before such a responsible step, it is important to be aware of all the legal nuances of buying an apartment or other living space. Therefore, we advise you to contact a competent lawyer to eliminate the risks of falling into the hands of scammers.

Registration of an apartment purchase agreement

If you are confident in your independence, and can deal with all legal issues without the help of a lawyer, you can carry out the transaction yourself, but we advise you to carefully review all the requirements and get ready for the financial, time-consuming and labor-intensive process.

We advise you to pay close attention to the seller and make sure that he really is the owner of the apartment. After you have definitely decided to buy real estate and ascertained the decency of the seller, you can begin to collect documents for the transaction.

State registration of real estate in Belarus

State registration of real estate is a legal act that recognizes by the state changes in the owner of real estate.

The process is carried out taking into account the principle of territoriality. In special organizations, there are branches and bureaus that operate within districts and cities.

That is, if it is necessary to register property, it is worth contacting the territorial organization at the location of this real estate.

Websites for buying an apartment

If you decide to purchase real estate, the website's easy navigation will help you decide on the right option.

In addition to the acquisition, the website allows you to sell an existing apartment by placing an advertisement.

You can rank your searches by the following parameters:

• Type of housing;

• Number of rooms;

• Cost;

• Currency;

• Location of the apartment;

• Amenities;

• Availability of several sleeping places.

Convenient website system provides an apartment search by map. So you can better navigate the terrain and choose an apartment that will definitely suit you.

The website provides detailed information on real estate sales. In the agency, real estate services are provided by specialists who have passed qualification exams and received a certificate from the Ministry of Justice. Many of our specialists have gone through the training center of our agency. Many realtors have received a second higher education - legal, in order to understand more deeply all the legal aspects of real estate transactions.

You can use a convenient filtering system and find a suitable apartment, including in a new building or abroad.

Each apartment has a detailed description, its cost and contact information about the owner. In addition, the website is to share hot offers for those who are ready to buy an apartment on a tight schedule.

It also contains real estate news with up-to-date information.

The website provides all the relevant information about real estate: the latest news, reviews and prices, as well as company news.

Here you can quickly sell / buy apartments in residential areas and new buildings, suburban real estate and non-residential premises.

Convenient ad ranking system includes criteria such as:

• Type of housing;

• Number of rooms;

• Cost;

• Currency;

• Location of the apartment.

In addition, you can select apartments on the map. Thus, you will be presented with the nearest shops, shopping centers, pharmacies, schools and kindergartens, and the rest of the infrastructure. is a topical real estate bulletin board throughout Belarus.

On the pages of the website, visitors will find not only a large classified property of real estate in all major cities of Belarus, but also receive all the necessary information about the situation in the real estate market of our country.

The content of the website covers all market segments - urban and suburban, residential and commercial real estate. Actual news, analytical articles, opinions of market professionals, a directory of companies, free real estate ads - all this information is collected in order to help users make the right decision when choosing real estate.

The website provides services in all segments of the real estate market and is its leader. It helps visitors find a home for further purchase, develops its technologies and new services, and conducts systematic quality control of services.

The main services of the website include:

• Purchase and sale of apartments;

• Rental of property;

• New buildings;

• Houses. Summer cottages. Cottages;

• Commercial real estate.

The portal allows you to view the latest ads for the purchase and sale of apartments. The project provides people who are interested in current news on the real estate market, complete information about the living conditions in different localities of the country, as well as the real estate objects offered for sale / lease, the possibilities of their development and arrangement.

Here you can find complete information about drafting a contract and its features, as well as exchange information and experience with other persons.

‘Iz ruk v ruki’ is a well-known Belarusian website that sells real estate.

The website allows you to post an ad for the sale of an apartment, and using the search form, find a suitable ad. In total, about 350,000 ads are posted on the portal, so the chances of finding your ideal place increase several times.

In addition to the official website, the portal provides an opportunity to download the application. There you can use a simplified search form and set up sending notifications.

The website also posts up-to-date news about apartment renovation and related categories.

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