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Review of websites for renting apartments for a long time

Review of websites for renting apartments for a long time in Belarus

Renting an apartment for a long-term stay and not running into scammers is not an easy task. You need to understand that renting an apartment requires great care. We've put together a list of the best rental webwebsites, and today we'll show you how to navigate them.

Renting an apartment for a long time

Finding a new home is not easy, and not overpaying and protecting yourself before check-in is even more difficult.

Before renting for a long time, check all the documents of the owner of the apartment, they must be presented in originals. In the case of providing photocopies, the owner may hide something from you, because documents are easily falsified.

It is better to discuss all the nuances of living on the shore, so that in the future there will be no problems. The presence of pets or bad habits is usually very alarming for owners, but this should not be hidden, since the consequences can be many times worse.

Registration of an apartment rental agreement

Drafting a contract is a responsible task, therefore, ideally, a lawyer should review the contract. The document does not have a template, but the following points must be indicated in it:

1. Your data and data of the owner of the apartment;

2. Information about the apartment;

3. Terms of payment;

4. Obligations of the parties and the clause on termination of the contract. Often, the owner prescribes that in case of termination of the contract at your request ahead of time, the insurance deposit will not be returned to you.

In addition to standard clauses, additional conditions may be spelled out in the contract, for example, a ban on smoking in an apartment, compensation for losses due to the fault of the tenant, etc.

Webites for renting an apartment for a long time

The website provides tenants with up-to-date information from real estate agencies and the opportunity to rent and buy housing throughout Belarus.

The real estate catalog is so extensive that you can find information about projects under construction and purchase the selected housing.

The portal presents a large amount of statistical information in the field of construction and sale of residential premises. Extensive experience in the real estate market helps the website moderators to prepare analytical reviews, monitoring, analytical articles on different segments of real estate in Belarus.

The portal allows:

• Search for the necessary information about the apartment using search filters;

• Search for commercial property for sale or rent;

• Upload your ad to the website database;

• Monitor the latest news about the real estate market;

• View the analysis of reliable information on apartment prices and the dynamics of their change;

• Download the application with which you can keep track of new arrivals in the database of real estate objects and operational market news.

‘Iz ruk v ruki’ is a popular portal that deals with the rental and sale of real estate in Belarus.

The website allows you to post an ad for the lease of your premises, and using the search form, find a suitable ad. In total, about 350,000 ads are posted on the portal, so the chances of finding your ideal place increase several times.

In addition to the official website, the portal provides an opportunity to download the application. There you can use a simplified search form and set up sending notifications.

‘Iz ruk v ruki’ is available on social media and print media. If you could not find the current issue of a newspaper, magazine or booklet, do not despair. Download the pdf version of the publication and find current offers and articles.

The website also has news in the field of construction, renovation and related categories. Choose a topic that interests you, and the portal will provide all the relevant information.

The portal has collected private ads for those wishing to rent an apartment in Minsk for a long time. Here you can find out the average price of real estate in Minsk, and, being guided by this indicator, choose your own home.

We remind you that if you work with an intermediary under the guise of the owner, do not forget to click 'complain' so that in the future the moderators can recognize the fraudster, block his number and IP address.

The website has a convenient search form and high-quality navigation. The portal will help you find an apartment for a long time based on your requests.

The website contains a huge database of ads for buying, renting and selling real estate in Minsk and throughout the Republic of Belarus.

Here you will find offers from the secondary market, as well as luxury properties at special prices from developers. Ease of use and advanced search feature will allow you to find the ad you want in no time.

The portal provides a convenient search form for both residential and commercial real estate. In addition to searching, you will be provided with the services of a cargo taxi, apartment renovation and advertising on the website.

The portal was created to post the best offers on real estate issues. This is a project that provides people interested in real estate in Belarus, as well as its owners, with complete, accurate and reliable information about the living conditions in different settlements in our country, as well as the real estate objects offered for sale / rent, the possibilities for their development and arrangement.

Here you can find complete information about drafting a contract and its features, as well as exchange information and experience with other persons.

The website provides an extensive list of offers for rent, sales and commercial real estate issues.

The website contains real estate news, ways of renting housing, lists of hotels and hostels for foreign citizens, as well as contacts of the information desk, tax office, notaries and administration.

Your capital website was founded in 1996. He provides services in all segments of the real estate market and is its leader.

The company staff is represented by 250 highly qualified specialists, whose work is based on principles such as honesty and legal integrity.

The website helps tenants find accommodation for a long time, develops its technologies and new services, conducts systematic quality control of services.

The main services of the website include:

• Purchase and sale of apartments;

• Rental of property;

• New buildings;

• Houses. Summer cottages. Cottages;

• Commercial real estate. offers an accommodation search with convenient website navigation. All ad sorting methods help renters find their ideal place as accurately as possible.

Search using maps will be able to find the right transport, the availability of public places and green areas.

The Insolation parameter is able to indicate the presence of the sunny side, and the Panorama parameter will reveal the scenic beauty of the local area.