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Страхование авомобиля в Беларуси

Car insurance in Belarus

“Whatever happens, you must be calm and confident in your own safety.” - the motto of any adequate driver who is worried about his own life, as well as about the peace of his family and friends.

As you know according to the pyramid of needs of the famous American psychologist Maslow, - safety comes first throughout its existence, mankind has come up with various ways to ensure its own peace of mind. To this end in the fourteenth century an insurance procedure was invented. In the modern world in the field of automobile insurance depending on the specifics of insurance protection and the risks that insurance covers, they distinguish:

  • Car insurance against theft and damage (comprehensive insurance);
  • Voluntary and compulsory motor third party liability insurance;
  • Insurance against mechanical and electrical damage;
  • Accident insurance for drivers and passengers;
  • Motor third party liability insurance (Green Card).

In total, as of 2020, 20 organizations of various forms of ownership offer insurance services in Belarus. The largest players in the car insurance market are the companies: Belgosstrakh, Kupala, Promtransinvest, Belneftestrakh. Let's talk more about the nuances of car insurance in our country.

Car insurance

In general, in our country there are two main types of insurance: voluntary (AutoCASCO) and compulsory motor third party liability insurance (CTP).

Compulsory insurance

With this view, it is still simple, you cannot refuse compulsory insurance. It is important to remember that compulsory insurance does not insure your car, but someone else's car from you. That is, it is your liability insurance, not your vehicle. Its rates, as a rule, are regulated by the state, therefore it will not work to save, you just need to choose an insurer from the set of all existing.

It is worth remembering that when applying for car insurance you need to have a driver's license with you (according to it, the insurance agent will be able to calculate your driving experience, which in turn affects the calculation of the correction factor); technical passport for the car; and of course, cash. The cost of the insurance policy depends on four factors: the size of your car’s engine, your driving experience, age and place of residence.

Voluntary insurance

The very name of this policy is its specificity, you want additional security guarantees, please conclude a contract and enjoy all its benefits on health. On the part of the state, no coercion and, accordingly, sanctions for the absence of such insurance will not follow.

Types of vehicles for which you can take out insurance:

  • trucks;
  • cars;
  • utility vehicles;
  • tractor units;
  • buses;
  • trolleybuses;
  • trams;
  • motorcycles;
  • scooters;
  • mopeds;
  • special purpose vehicles (ambulances, fire engines and others);
  • tractors (including vehicles created on the basis of those listed);
  • wheeled self-propelled single-bucket loaders;
  • motor graders;
  • self-propelled vehicles for road maintenance and repair (with the exception of earth-moving machinery);
  • vehicles of the Armed Forces of the Republic of Belarus used for economic activity;
  • trailers and semi-trailers to these motor vehicles subject to state registration and used in traffic on the territory of the Republic of Belarus;
  • chassis of trucks, trailers for them, utility vehicles, tractors, including those made in Belarus and delivered to the consumer or to the place of state registration on their own;
  • vehicles imported into the territory of the Republic of Belarus for temporary use.

«Green card»

What does the Green Card give?

This document is only required when traveling abroad. Currently, the Green Card system includes 48 countries from Europe, Asia and Africa - all European countries including Russia, as well as Azerbaijan, Turkey, Iran, Israel, Morocco and Tunisia. Therefore, if you plan to travel or will travel through one of these countries by car, then you will definitely need to draw up a civil liability insurance contract. Without such a document, border guards will not let you pass when entering the country.

What does insurance cover?

The object of insurance is the responsibility of the driver to other road users. Well, the insured event is the very fact of harm to life and health or property of third parties as a result of a traffic accident in the territory of a state member of the Green Card system. In other words, under this agreement, you do not insure property in the form of your car, but your liability to third parties for damage that you may commit unintentionally or with intent.

Green Card Cost

The conditions of the Green Card depend on the insurance option:

• to travel to all countries;

•For Russia;

• for Ukraine and Moldova.

The price of the Green Card also depends on the insurance period:

• for 15 days to all countries - 30 euros for a car;

• the same policy for 1 year - 425 euros;

• 15 days in Russia - 10 euros;

• 1 year for Russia - 108 euros;

• Ukraine and Moldova for 5 days require 5 euros;

• 1 year for these countries costs 75 euros.

In general, the price depends on the country of visit, the type of vehicle, the duration of the insurance contract. There are no differences in the price of the Green Card between insurance companies; rates are regulated by the Ministry of Finance of the Republic of Belarus.

How to apply for a Green Card? Insurance period

The car owner must conclude a Green Card insurance agreement before leaving the Republic for use in road traffic by a state member of the Green Card system for the duration of the proposed trip, but not less than 15 days. For registration, it is enough to personally contact the office of the insurer or when leaving the border through an insurance agent and present documents for the car.

Auto Casco

AutoCasko system insures the car itself. The contract of such insurance is a kind of commercial agreement between the owner of the vehicle and the insurer. There are two AutoCasco programs: full and partial.

Full Auto Casco

It includes protection from literally everything that can happen to a car: a fire, an extreme disaster that caused your car to be hijacked, illegal actions of third parties, falling stones or meeting a wild animal - the list is very wide.

Partial AutoCasco

Partial CASCO does not include protection against theft (and from everything that will be lost due to theft from your car). That is, if you opened a car at night, broke a glass, broke a door lock and stole a radio tape recorder, then under the full CASCO program you will be compensated for all the damage, and under the partial CASCO program, everything except the cost of the radio tape recorder. Partial Casco conditions are determined individually by the contract with a specific insurance company in each particular case, so read the contract carefully before concluding it.

The cost of AutoCasco

A large number of conditions affect the cost of AutoCASCO: the experience and age of the driver, the relationship of the insured and the insurance company (the best conditions are offered to trusted customers), type and make of car, price of the car, year of manufacture, number of drivers in one car (less is better), place of registration transport, region of validity of the insurance contract (within the Republic of Belarus, abroad, etc.), conditions for the purchase of a car (credit implies additional restrictions), method of payment of the insurance premium (the whole amount immediately or in parts). It is better to find out the exact price and all the nuances of insurance under CASCO at the offices of insurance companies. Even the information on the sites can be too general, but this calculation is largely individual, conducted for the specific owner of a particular machine.

Insurance period

With full Casco, as a rule, owners choose the option of annual or semi-annual insurance. With partial Casco, the terms are very flexible, and can be calculated from minutes and hours to several years (as instilled in 5 years - the maximum period). Casco terms also depend on the company you have chosen.

How to get AutoCask?

To get a CASCO policy, you first need to decide on a company, come to the office, provide the following package of documents: the last two pages of your passport, registration, driver’s license, technical passport, technical inspection ticket for a car, and civil insurance.

OSGO internal insurance

OSGO internal insurance (abbreviated as auto citizen) implies compulsory insurance by drivers of the harm they cause. The bottom line is that if the driver does harm and will be obliged to compensate for it, then the insurance company will pay for such compensation. The document confirming the existence of this type of insurance is an insurance certificate. It is a must-have when driving. Also, without an insurance certificate, it is impossible to register a car with the traffic police and get permission to participate in traffic after a vehicle inspection.

Integrated OSGO

Comprehensive internal insurance agreement includes compulsory third party liability insurance of vehicle owners (OSGO internal insurance) and voluntary insurance of their property (vehicle) in case of damage as a result of a traffic accident. Comprehensive internal insurance agreement is concluded only for vehicles registered in the territory of the Republic of Belarus. If the culprit of the accident has a comprehensive insurance contract, he will be able to receive insurance compensation for damage caused to his car, while under the internal insurance contract insurance payment is made only to the victims.

Online Car Insurance

Today, with the development of information technology, the insurance procedure has also undergone certain changes. Now you can leave an online application for a car insurance contract. The insurance agent will contact you independently. For example, in the company Belgosstrakh, following the link.

In general, to arrange insurance in this way, you will need to go to your personal account, fill in all personal data; select the menu item "Policy conclusion-online" and then the type of insurance, fill in the required fields; get a code for payment and pay through ERIP during the day.

Where to get car insurance in Minsk?

The offices of all insurance companies in Belarus are located in Minsk. To date, only six Belarusian companies have the right to compulsory motor insurance: Belgosstrakh, TASK, PromTransInvest, Belneftestrakh, Belcoopstrakh and Beleximgarant. You can conclude a contract by contacting the offices of insurers, the post offices and branches of Belarusbank, as well as the "street" insurance agents who offer their services at the places of car registration. In order not to doubt the legal capacity of such an insurance agent, ask him in advance to show a certificate and permission to conduct such transactions.

Car preparation for insurance

The insurer inspects and photographs the vehicle. Vehicles that have not undergone state technical inspection, damaged, technically malfunctioning or having traces of improper operation may not be accepted for insurance, so take care of putting your car in order in advance.

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