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Education in English in Belarus

Education in English in Belarus

A foreign citizen can get education in Belarus in more than 50 educational institutions. Belarusian education is provided by 108 countries: China, India, Africa, Lebanon, Iran and many others. However, not every citizen has the opportunity to learn the Russian language or just does not want to do it. That's why we will tell you which universities in Belarus you can study in English.

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There are 19 institutions of higher education that offer English language training, but not in all fields of study.


BSU provides an opportunity to study in English at the Institute of Business of BSU and the International State Ecological Institute named after A.D. Sakharov BSU.

At the Institute of Business you can get education in “Business Administration” and “Marketing”, and at the Sakharov Institute you can study medical and biological science, medical ecology, medical physics, information systems and technologies (in ecology and health care), environmental protection, energy efficient technologies and energy management.

The cost of tuition at these faculties is $3,300 per year.


BNTU is a technical university and training of specialists is connected with production activity.

Training in English is held here in the following specialties:

  • “Information systems and technologies”;
  • “Automation of technological processes and production”;
  • “Industrial and civil engineering”;
  • “Machine building technology”;
  • “Vehicle maintenance and repair”;
  • “Biotechnical and medical apparatus and systems”.

The cost of training on all specialties except the last is 4000$ per year. In the specialty "Biotechnical and medical devices and systems" in a year it will be necessary to pay 6000$.


BSUIR is a top-ranked university in Belarus for training IT-specialists. Today, every third foreign student of this university studies the curriculum in English. The advantages of this university over the European ones are that it does not require IELTS or TOEFL certificates. You are interviewed at the university in English, and the admissions committee determines your level of knowledge and ability to assimilate the curriculum.

You can choose your English language courses in 4 faculties:

  • “Faculty of Infocommunications” under the programmes “Infocommunication Technologies” and “Telecommunications Information Security”;
  • “Faculty of Information Technologies and Management”, specialty “Automated systems of infofromation processing”;
  • “Faculty of Computer Design” under the programmes “Engineering and Psychological Support of Information Systems”, “Information Systems and Technologies in Business Management”, “Medical Electronics”;
  • “Faculty of Innovative and Continuing Education” specializing in “Programmable Mobile Systems”, “Information Systems and Technologies in Business Management”, “Automated Information Processing Systems”.

The cost of training for foreign citizens from $ 5000 per year.


Since 2009, BSMU has been training foreign citizens in English. For this purpose, the "Medical Faculty for Foreign Students" was established. The faculty currently trains more than 1,000 students from 60 countries. The geography of the countries from which foreigners come is vast: the United States, Sri Lanka, Bahrain, Germany, Georgia, Egypt, Yemen, India and others. International students live in hostels with all the amenities, have the opportunity to communicate with each other, celebrate national and religious holidays, participate in national festivals and exhibitions.

English language courses are offered in the following fields of study: “Medical business” (6 years), “Dentistry” (5 years), “Medical and preventive business” (5 years) and “Pharmacy” (6 years). The cost of training is $3,100 per year.

Training in English is available not only in the capital's universities, but also in regional ones. For example, VSMU was one of the first universities in Belarus to have the right to teach in English to foreigners. VSMU trains doctors, pharmacists and dentists for South-East Asia, Africa, Arab countries, Latin America and others. And the graduates successfully work in the USA, Canada, France, Great Britain, etc. To help foreign students, the Russian language department was established here for its in-depth study.

Картинки по запросу "обучение иностранцев""

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Today at VSMU it is possible to study disciplines in English only on two specialities: “Medicine” and “Dentistry”.

At mastering a specialty “Medical business”, you will be given qualification of the doctor. Term of training is 6 years, and the cost of training is 4600$ per year. If you dream of becoming a dentist, you will have to master the discipline within 5 years and it will cost you $4,500 a year.

However, you should know that the full course of study in English is available only in BSUIR. If you want to enter one of the country's medical universities, you will have to learn Russian anyway.