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Marketing courses in Minsk

Marketing in the modern world has gained maximum momentum. Some even use marketing as a fashionable alternative to sales. But in reality, marketing has a broader meaning. Universities are increasingly providing marketing education opportunities, but who needs marketing education. We will answer all questions related to marketing in this article.

Marketing education in Belarus

In Belarus, education in the field of marketing is presented in two types.

In higher educational institutions, the Specialty provides the qualification "Marketing Economist".

After graduation, graduates of the above specialty can occupy the following positions:

• Economist;

• Trade agent;

• Marketer;

• Procurement Economist;

• Sales economist.

In secondary specialized educational institutions, the Specialty provides the qualification "Marketing Economist".

After graduation, graduates of the above specialty can occupy the following positions:

• Traveling Salesman;

• Planning Technician;

• Trade agent.

Who needs marketing education?

Marketing will soon become a basic unit of education, as it develops versatile skills that are necessary not only in the profession, but also in life. In the arsenal of your skills there will be the most important soft skills - a set of non-specialized over-professional skills that are responsible for successful participation in the work process and high productivity.

In marketing, they are most often welcomed to specialists who are interested in psychology and interpersonal relationships, new technologies or creative processes.

What does marketing education include?

The training of a specialist in this specialty involves the formation of certain professional competencies, including knowledge and skills in shaping the personality of a specialist, the main mission of which is to introduce the marketing concept of economic management; development of skills in implementing the marketing concept of organization management, non-standard thinking, focused on solving marketing problems in a dynamically changing market environment, etc.

The graduate must be ready for professional activity in the development of marketing activities for the production, sale of goods and provision of services that are competitive in the target market, as a marketer in various organizations (enterprises), regardless of their organizational and legal forms.

Marketing education at universities

Marketing specialties and work is a big and painstaking work. But along with it, you get great career prospects and constant self-development. Nowadays, any university that has economic majors has marketing departments. Among these are BSU, BSEU, Minsk branch of BTEU PC, etc.

Online courses & offline courses

Online learning is an affordable way to gain knowledge that requires organization and willpower. Offline courses require more time and money. The advantage of distance learning is that it allows people who live far away or for a number of reasons (illness, lack of self-confidence) to acquire knowledge, cannot attend face-to-face classes. An important feature of offline learning is the community and live communication, which contributes to social development and makes it possible to learn from the experience of professionals.

Top marketing courses in Minsk

Below are the best marketing courses in Minsk.


The IPM Business School is the only educational center in Belarus accredited by the Royal Institute of Marketing, The Chartered Institute of Marketing, CIM, UK.

Based on 21 years of experience in cooperation with CIM, the company offers qualification programs and courses in marketing at various levels:

• CIM Diploma in Professional Marketing - program in English, international CIM diploma, level 6;

• Professional Diploma in Marketing - a program in Russian for marketing directors, similar to CIM Professional Certificate in Marketing, CIM standard;

• Marketing professional - a program in Russian, for marketing specialists, CIM standard;

• Basic Marketing Concepts - online course for aspiring marketers.


The Webcom brand, founded in 2000 in Minsk, is an innovator and one of the leaders in digital marketing not only in the Belarusian direction, but also develops in the international markets of Russia and Kazakhstan.

From the moment of its foundation to the present day, Webcom Academy has been setting trends for the entire industry of Internet education. The company conducts professional training courses and seminars in popular areas in the digital field: content marketing, web analytics, SEO, SMM, contextual advertising. More than 1000 specialists graduate from the center annually.

Webcom helps to achieve success in business and career (help with employment after graduation).


The Siderius courses are taught by experienced teachers in micro-groups of up to 5 people with an individual approach. The skills and techniques of relevant marketing are being developed for successful employment.

In marketing courses, you will be fully immersed in the field of marketing communications, many interesting creative and analytical tasks in the field of marketing and advertising, the opportunity to try your hand at a new profession. You will receive the necessary materials and information to get started immediately after completing the course. You will learn what they will never write about in books - the secrets of the real work of marketing departments, which only those who have already realized themselves in this area know. You will study the most successful marketing campaigns of world-renowned enterprises and will be able to put into practice the knowledge gained.

City Business School

The company has collected all the key knowledge in the field of Internet marketing and transformed it into clear instructions and step-by-step algorithms. They allow you to quickly master all aspects of online promotion and start getting results.

You will receive the most relevant knowledge and learn how to choose promotion channels, develop landing pages, master web analytics, SMM, the basics of e-mail and content marketing.

The course will teach you how to develop promotion strategies, choose and analyze promotion channels, work with web analytics, create landing pages, build e-mail and content marketing, run effective advertising campaigns and promote on social networks.

Business School XXI Century-Consult

The school has 7 programs for marketing professionals: strategic marketing for owners and top managers; bird behavior; marketing approach to pricing; category management, retail revenue management; non-price methods of competition; marketing management; Internet Marketing.

Each program has its own audience and goals. For example, the goal of the Internet marketing program is to provide participants with a set of knowledge that will help them build a strategy for promoting their business on the Internet, taking into account the latest current trends and technologies operating in our market and in foreign markets.

Upon completion of the training, the participants are awarded a diploma of the business school of the XXI century-consult and a state-recognized certificate of training.

IBA Institute

The training offered by the company combines familiarity with the theoretical foundations of this area, as well as the development of the necessary skills to conduct successful campaigns.

The courses will be useful for business owners, as well as beginners in the field of Internet marketing and social media promotion.

Benefits of studying at the IBA Institute:

• A large amount of useful information in the shortest possible time;

• Practical orientation;

• The most modern approaches to training;

• Analysis of current trends and features of building your promotion strategy in accordance with them;

• Experienced teacher-practicing professional working to promote leading companies in Belarus.

Here and now

The goal of the Here and Now School is the harmonious development of the client's business. Therefore, the company strictly adheres to the following principles in its work:

1. An integrated approach. The company provides a full range of services related to business development. In the course of solving problems facing clients, experts offer the most complete and appropriate set of solutions;

2. Confidentiality and ethics. The company is proud that since its inception, it has established itself as a company that keeps secrets and protects the interests of our clients;

3. Focus on customer success. The most valuable performance indicator is the success and achievement of the set goals by clients.

Institute of Business Technology

The Institute of Business Technologies has opened a recruitment for a new specialty - layout. Marketing course objectives:

• formation of students' system of knowledge about marketing as a science, type of activity, a universal way of managing the functioning and development of subjects of market activity;

• to instill general skills and abilities of making effective marketing economic and management decisions at the enterprise, as well as the formation of a system of marketing-oriented management of the company as a whole.


In the educational center "Leader", experienced teachers will help to master theoretical knowledge in the field of marketing in all its directions, acquire basic marketing skills, master the basic techniques for identifying and solving marketing problems. You will study the area of ​​development of methods and forms of marketing management of market entities, master the skills of selling goods.

Upon completion of the Leader courses, our cadets receive a free certificate with a round seal of the educational institution (in accordance with Part 9 of Article 99 of the Education Code of the Republic of Belarus).