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Moving to Belarus

Moving is always a complicated task. As a rule, a lot of trouble is associated with this event. Moving to another country is even more complicate trouble. For those who move to Belarus, our article will be an assistant. In this article, we will tell you about the intricacies in obtaining resident status, about what documents you need to bring with you when moving to our country, as well as information that you need to know when moving. This information includes the cost of housing, job search, prices in Belarus and much more.

Permanent address

How to obtain the resident status?

Obtaining a residence permit in Belarus (residence permit in Belarus) is possible only if there are special grounds, such as:

investing 150,000 euros in investment projects of the Republic of Belarus;

marriage with a citizen of the Republic of Belarus;

staying on the territory of the Republic of Belarus on the basis of a temporary residence permit for 7 (seven) years continuously;

persons applying for a residence permit in Belarus are descendants of Belarusians, as well as persons identifying themselves as Belarusians;

It should be noted that certain foreign citizens have the right to obtain a residence permit in Belarus without any special grounds. For example, citizens of the Russian Federation can obtain a residence permit in Belarus in accordance with interstate agreements between Belarus and Russia. To obtain a residence permit by Russians in Belarus, a special reason for this is necessary: the very fact of being in the citizenship of the Russian Federation is enough.

What gives you the permanent status?

A residence permit in Belarus (hereinafter - residence permit) is almost a Belarusian passport. With him you are endowed with the same rights as the citizens of Belarus. However, you will not have voting rights. As well as the right to vote, and the right to be elected. Only citizens of the Russian Federation with a residence permit will be able to participate in local elections.

Also, this does not give you the right to work in the civil service and to acquire land ownership. For example, you have the right to free medical services, free education, and the right to receive benefits and a pension on a par with Belarusian citizens.

Who needs to get a residence permit (status)?

According to the law, foreign citizens can obtain a residence permit in Belarus if:

they have been granted refugee status or asylum in the Republic of Belarus;

they have the right to family reunification, that is, one of the relatives is a citizen of Belarus (close relatives, but distant ones can be considered);

they received a temporary residence permit and have lived continuously in the Republic of Belarus for the past seven years;

used to be citizens of the Republic of Belarus or lived in the BSSR, their descendants. Also people, one of whose parents has citizenship of the Republic of Belarus;

they are workers and specialists that organizations of the Republic of Belarus need;

possess exceptional abilities and talent or have outstanding services to the Republic of Belarus, high achievements in the field of science, technology, culture and sports;

they are foreign investors who have invested in the amount of at least 150 thousand euros;

these are Belarusians, as well as individuals identifying themselves as Belarusians. Moreover, their descendants (blood relatives in a straight line: children, grandchildren, great-grandchildren) born outside the modern territory of the Republic of Belarus;

have the right to obtain a permit for permanent residence on other grounds provided for by international treaties of the Republic of Belarus. For example, citizens of the Russian Federation can obtain a residence permit simply on the basis that they are citizens of the Russian Federation.

If you do not have any of these grounds to obtain a residence permit, you can obtain a temporary residence permit.

What documents do people need to bring with them from their country?

To deal with bureaucratic issues when moving, you need to study the rules of staying in the country where you are moving, and be more careful. It is very important to ensure that your registration is not expired.

List of required documents in Belarus:

a document on the presence or absence of a criminal record in the former state and its translation, if not in Russian;

passport (document for traveling abroad) and its copy. If it is not in Russian, a notarized translation into Russian or Belarusian;


document that is the basis for obtaining a residence permit. For example, marriage certificate;

medical certificate, extract from the medical record;

application for registration at the place of residence and documents confirming the possibility of permanent residence at this place. For example, title deeds or a lease (rental contract).

Depending on the situation and the reasons why you need these documents, the list may be supplemented or changed, but the bulk of the documents are unchanged.

What is obligatory to know when moving to Belarus?

Housing costs in Belarus

Housing is the basis of any moving, as well as its complex component. In our country, housing prices can be considered affordable. In recent years, residential and non-residential real estate in Belarus are in the sphere of interests of foreign citizens and there are several reasons for this. Firstly, Belarus has a fairly stable domestic political and economic situation and the real estate market is not subject to sharp fluctuations. Secondly, Belarus is famous for its nature and hospitable people.

You can read detailed information about the cost of housing in our country on the website.

Job search in Belarus

When moving to another country, it is best to be safe and find work in advance. In order to find work, you can use special sites to search for work in Belarus. Examples are: Belmeta, Praca, Joblab,, Jooble. If you have already arrived in Belarus, to help you find a job, you can contact the employment center and fill out a form. They will help you to find vacancies.

Food prices in Belarus

Prices in Belarus can be called moderate. They vary depending on where you prefer to shop. For example, prices in the market are usually slightly lower than in the store. Although, in supermarkets and hypermarkets, there are often shares on certain products, and buying there is more profitable. In Belarus you can buy, eat and bring excellent meat with you. A large selection of fresh products waits you at the Komarovsky market. Average prices for sausages are: smoked sausages and cervelats - 20-26 BYN, milk sausage - 6-8 BYN, sausages - 7-9 BYN, ham - 8-15 BYN. Cheeses in Belarus cost about 8 to 18 BYN, depending on the type of cheese: soft or hard (for example, parmesan). Bread costs are from 1 to 3 BYN. Prices for dairy products are also relatively low. You can read more about prices on the official website of Belarus prices.


According to the Constitution of the Republic of Belarus in our country there are two state languages: Belarusian and Russian. However, the degree to which languages ​​are used in the country varies widely. Historically, since the Soviet Union existed, people have communicated in Russian more than in Belarusian. At present, the Russian language dominates in almost all spheres of life of Belarusians: the vast majority of official documents are published in Russian, the document flow in almost all organizations is also in Russian, and the Russian language also prevails in most media. The Belarusian language in its pure form is used in everyday life mainly in rural areas. In the cities and capital of the Republic of Belarus, it is used mainly by the intelligentsia and a patriotic part of society. In official documents, the Belarusian language is used mainly by the Ministry of Culture.