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Bread_Wine Bar "Bread & Vine"
Bar "Bread & Vine"

Bar "Bread & Vine"

Interior and atmosphere at the «Bread & Vine» Bar

A new format of recreation is represented by the tasting shop-bar “Bread & Vine” at 12 Bratskaya Street. Here you can buy wine, accompanied by cheese and bread, and go home. Or you can stay here - the loft interior and atmosphere are very comfortable. Bread & Vine is a custom wine shop and bar. In addition to showcases, there is a full-fledged tasting room with tables and a bar. You choose the format yourself: just buy wine or other spirits and food for them, or try something new right on the spot, order your favorite. All alcohol in Bread & Vine is bottled. But if you decide to taste wine here, nothing will prevent you from taking the started bottle with you later.

Menu at the «Bread & Vine» Bar

The shop-bar offers numerous wines from different regions of the world, whiskey, port, cider and more. The selection of drinks in Bread & Vine is impressive: the racks are filled with everything from expensive Italian and Spanish wines to more affordable port wines. There is even a line of spirits. Wine can be accompanied by Italian and Spanish cheeses, for example, from cow's and sheep's milk with peppers, truffles or walnuts, olives, sun-dried tomatoes, ciabatta and other bread. In addition, there is real Italian pasta, jams, biscuits and other delicacies. The specialization of the venue is alcoholic beverages, an assortment of bread, pastries, groceries, food.

Events and table reservations at the «Bread & Vine» Bar

In the restaurant you can celebrate a birthday, corporate party, buffet table, bachelor party, hen party. Entertainment includes Wi-Fi, food delivery, hookah, bar, gourmet tasting area. The shop-bar is open daily until 22.00, it is possible to book a place in advance on the portal, the venue does not have its own website. The unusual format of the venue attracts a large number of foreigners, guests of the capital and simply gourmets. The staff speaks English, French and Spanish.