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If you want to get acquainted not only with our culture, but also to understand what kind of alcohol Belarusians drink, then our shops offer a wide range of alcoholic drinks.

For example, the oldest alcoholic drinks of Belarusians are honey and beer. The technology of preparation of this drink was similar to brewing, but it was still made of honey.

Breweries have been operating in Belarus for many centuries. They brewed hop drinks according to original recipes.

Today, the breweries of Belarus continue the traditions, they produce original Belarusian beer brands, which are appreciated by the awards of prestigious contests.

The oldest brewery in Belarus is Olivaria. It was founded in 1864 and continues to produce products to this day, delighting Belarusians and guests with its drinks.

But wine has not been spread in Belarus for many centuries and was used mainly in church rituals. This is due to the fact that grapes were grown in Belarus only in rich estates on small squares.

Today, Belarusian companies produce their own brands of wine materials from the best winegrowers in Europe.

Most often, liqueurs, infusions and nalewks based on vodka with the addition of herbs, berries, spices, honey and sugar were served in the houses of Belarusians. Today you can taste these drinks in restaurants and farmsteads.

The most popular strong alcoholic beverage in Belarus is vodka. Belarusians discovered vodka in the 15th century and it gradually became the main type of alcohol. Today vodka is consumed on holidays and special occasions.

Belarusian brands offer a wide choice of vodka: classical vodka with various additives (spices, nuts, etc.). The most popular vodka is bread vodka, as well as made on birch buds, cranberry and with pepper or honey.

Also in our country, tinctures and balms are popular - these are strong alcoholic beverages also with the addition of extracts of medicinal plants, honey, etc. Among the famous Belarusian alcoholic beverages, Zubrovka is a classic bitter tincture with medicinal grass  Zubrovka from Belovezhskaya Pushcha.

You can buy Belarusian vodka in shops, supermarkets and hypermarkets. Many brands of Belarus in the production of alcoholic beverages have their own branded departments in stores. You can also buy souvenir drinks: unusual glass and clay bottles, canvas and leather bags, as well as designer packaging.

In addition, you can also try moonshine in Belarus. This is a strong alcoholic beverage prepared at home by distilling it through homemade or factory apparatuses containing alcoholic beverages. This is the result of fermentation of sugar syrup, cereals, potatoes, beets, fruits and other products that contain sugar.

Ancient moonshine makers assumed that during the distillation of wine, its spirit, which was called spiritus in Latin, was distinguished. Among our population, moonshine has been well known since the 14th century.

All the above-mentioned alcoholic drinks can be found in all the shops of the Republic of Belarus, which offer a wide range of products, so the search for Belarusian alcohol will not become painfully long for you.