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Sale of alcoholic beverages

If you want to get acquainted not only with our culture, but also to understand what kind of alcohol the Belarusians drink, our shops offer a wide range of alcoholic beverages.

For instance, the oldest alcoholic drinks of Belarusians are honey and beer. The technology of making this drink was similar to brewing, but they still prepared it from bee honey.

Hard alcohol

Alcoholic beverages containing at least 20% of ethyl alcohol of the volume of the finished product are considered strong. The lower border of the fortress is officially set by each country independently, in Belarus it is 25%.

Strong alcoholic drinks are produced in all parts of the world in accordance with national customs and climatic conditions. In Belarus, Russia and Poland, wheat is the basis for strong alcohol, barley in Scotland and Ireland, potatoes in the Scandinavian countries, corn and rye in the United States and Canada, grapes in Spain and France, sugar cane in Latin America, agave in Mexico.

The main consumer spirits:

  • vodka;
  • whiskey;
  • brandy;
  • rum;
  • gin.

This type of alcohol also includes liqueurs, balsams, nalewkas, infusions of the corresponding fortress.

Alcohol of the middle fortress

An alcoholic of the middle fortress is considered:

  • various wines - a product from grapes, which is prepared by both unified and author's technologies. Wine collectors now have more than 12,000 varieties of grapes;
  • mead - an alcoholic product made from honey and some other bee products (honeycomb partitions, etc.). Various spices, sometimes yeast, are often added to it;
  • mulled wine is a product that is prepared by heating a dry and semi-dry wine with different spices and fruits. It is mulled wine that is heated, not boiled. Often added to it sugar and various herbs and prefer to use red wine;
  • sake is a national Japanese brand. It is a vodka made from rice. Its fortress is 16-22%. The technology of producing this rice vodka is very laborious. It is only worth recalling that sake is made of special ("heavy") rice and water from special springs, which is devoid of manganese and iron;
  • punch is a general name for a product that is made by mixing wine and various juices. The punch is served both hot and cold. Its homeland is India, from where it migrated to the English metropolis and immediately gained popularity. There's a great variety of recipes for punch. However, originally the punch had five components: water, rum, tea, lemon juice and sugar. The punch is usually boiled with a large piece of sugar, gradually sipping rum until the sugar head melts completely. It is served to the table in large bowls.

Low-alcoholic products

Low-alcoholic beverages refer to:

  • traditional beer, whose production technology is based on the fermentation of malt wort while catalyzing the entire process with beer yeast;
  • different brags - original blends that appear in the process of fermentation of a "cocktail" from various fruit and vegetable fruits. Braga contains a variety of yeast. Usually it is an intermediate product used as a raw material for making strong alcoholic beverages;
  • cider is made only from fresh apples, where the yeast is not used in the process;
  • toddy is an exotic brand for northern latitudes. It is made by fermentation of coconut juice and tua palms. Sometimes a yeast fungus is added;
  • koumiss, a popular low-alcohol product made from mare's milk. During fermentation, it gains a small amount of ethanol.

Popular alcohol

  • Beer

  • Wine

  • Vermouth

  • Sidr

  • Champagne

  • Sake

  • Subscriber

  • Brandy

  • Cognac

  • Vodka

  • Whiskey

  • Bourbon

  • Gene

  • Rom

  • Tequila


The whole range of alcoholic beverages in Belarus can be found in winemarkets. There you can find everything from mead to gin. Consultants can help you make the right choice, as well as tell you about the properties of the drink and its components.

Where to buy high quality alcoholic beverages in Minsk

You can buy high quality alcoholic drinks in the following shops of Minsk:

  • VINO;

Alcoholic beverage shops on the map

You can see the list of the best alcohol shops on this page.

In Belarus you can also try samogon. The strongest alcoholic beverage prepared at home by distilling it through homemade or factory apparatuses containing alcoholic braga. This braga is obtained by fermentation of sugar syrup, cereals, potatoes, beets, fruits and other products that contain sugar.

All alcoholic beverages can be found in Belarusian shops, which offer a wide range of products, so the search for Belarusian alcohol will not be painfully long for you.