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Vino Alcohol shop "Vino"
Alcohol shop "Vino"

Alcohol shop "Vino"

Assortment of "Vino" store

Stores Vino is a developed and independent chain of stores "at home" with a unique assortment of wines and spirits. Each drink is selected individually and has its own history. Here you will be helped to choose the wine, port wine, sherry, calvados, cognac, brandy, whiskey, and many other drinks that suit your taste.

In the Vino store chain, consultants are responsible for the choice of each visitor. You can set the most difficult task, but the consultant will find a way out and offer a drink that suits your preferences.

Tasting at the "Vino" store

The Vino alcoholic beverages chain regularly organizes tastings of its products. A varied palette of flavors and aromas is represented by a wide range from all over the world.

For several days, the store displays its products from the exclusive collections of Italian, Spanish and Portuguese wines.

All detailed information with schedules of events and store addresses can be found on the official Vino website.